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Multimillion Black Cheese

Multimillion Black Cheese
Multimillion Black Cheese
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Green smoke room seeds has taken the initiative to produce a super strain that we are calling Multimillion Black Cheese by crossing two genetics from world renowned breeders, Ethos and Big Buddha Seeds. Ethos millions of peaches is a cross between Katsu Bubba & Peach Ringz. Big Buddha Black Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is a feminised marijuana range developed by crossing Black SFV (San Fernando Valley OG) with the traditional UK Cheese, causing a potent as well as top quality cannabis Strain. This Indica-dominant strain delights in strenuous growth thanks to the influence of OG Kush, while being more well-branched than its OG forefather thanks to celebrity impact. This genetic mix provides plants that complete flowering after 56 to 63 days of 12/12, delivering impressive yields of extremely potent buds whose psychedelic power produces an euphoric experience. As time passes, the effect will slowly become more Indica-leaning, developing right into an enjoyable result .Outdoors, depending upon the environmental factors we can expect large and extremely efficient plants that can be gathered at the start of October .At the organoleptic level, it incorporates the taste as well as smell of SFV OG with that of Cheese, providing a natural background enriched with sweet, floral and also a little citric touches, inherited from the OG line.

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