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Oni Seed Co

Since it’s establishment in 2017, Oni Seed Co has quickly become a grow-household name. Busting into the international cannabis scene with their instant classic Tropicanna Cookies and Papaya hybrid lines; our strains have won a variety of awards for best flower, best concentrate, and highest terpene content at prestigious events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup, Chalice Festival, Masters of Rosin among others. 

Model: GSR - CLONE - OS - Tally Man Clone
ONI Seed Co's Tally Man is combination of their in-house creation, Banana Dosi-do (Banana OG x (OGKB x Face Off OG BX1))and their front runner Papaya (Mango x Afghan). She drops a selection of intense, sunscreen fragrances ranging from banana/coconut to wonderful cherry/mango as well as even sweet a..
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