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Sherbet Queen Feminised Seeds

Sherbet Queen Feminised Seeds
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Sherbet Queen Feminised Seeds
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Sherbet Queen Feminised Seeds comes packed to the brim with so many desirable attributes, it is difficult knowing where to start. We could begin with the delicate forest fruits aroma that engulfs the senses, or the bright orange pistils that glisten in the midday sun. We could even elaborate on her incredible heritage, being a direct descendant of the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies. Instead, let's start with what makes Sherbet Queen so desirable to a broad range of recreational and medicinal users.

The intense high is not typical of an 85% indica-dominant strain. Usually, smokers could expect such an indica to lock them in a state of immobility, confined to the sofa while the sedative attributes work their magic on your aches and pains. There are indeed elements of this in the high; however, it is the uplifting, energetic, and creative traits of sativa that shine through. An entire afternoon is still needed to appreciate the complexity of Sherbet Queen's High. However, the option to be productive still presents itself.

If the stresses of modern life are starting to take their toll, she is the perfect remedy. Subtly calming on the body, she is fiercely effective when it comes to banishing feelings of anxiety and worry. With a potent THC content, it won’t take much for the sublime, earthy flavours and intriguing high to work their way to every inch of your weary body and mind.

Perhaps the only trade-off for such a gratifying high are the moderate buds she produces. Thankfully, very little maintenance is needed during both the vegetative and flowering stages, so she can be forgiven for slightly less-than-average yields. Resilience to mould is good, and if you are fortunate enough to live in a Mediterranean climate, growing her outdoors is a sensory delight. For indoor growers, she still requires very little attention, but keep an eye on humidity levels. Harvestable between late September and early October, she is a fantastic side project for experienced growers and a simple venture for the uninitiated.

Cannabis Seed Attributes
CBD Content Low
Flowering-time 7 - 9 Weeks
Flowering-type Photoperiod
Genetics Pink Panties x Sunset Sherbet
Grows Indoor; Outdoor; Greenhouse
Height Height Indoor:80 - 120 cm; Height Outdoor:140 - 180 cm
Sex Feminised
THC Content 24%
Variety Indica-dominant
Yield Indoor :450 - 525 gr/m2; Outdoor:450 - 500 gr/plant
Pack Attributes
Breeder/Seedbank Royal Queen Seeds
Pack Size 1, 3 & 5 Seeds

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