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Swazi Gold Regular Seeds

Swazi Gold Regular Seeds
Swazi Gold Regular Seeds
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Swazi Gold Regular Seeds, harvested inland, in the rocky and mountainous region of Swaziland this plant grows majestically tall and plentiful. Swazi Gold is very resilient to all weather conditions and the climate varies from tropical to near temperate but is consistently hot and humid. December is the stormy, wet mid-summer season and June the dry mid-winter season. The phenotypes found within this lineage could be very deeply rooted in Earth's history of cannabis as prehistoric rock paintings and artefacts found close to the plants' date from ca. 25,000 B.C. Wildlife in the area mostly comprises of many insects, bats, birds, and monkeys, with rodents making up the largest percentage of mammals; not a great deal of life here as the mountains are sometimes perilous.

Swazi Gold is a Sativa landrace strain from Africa known for its sweet, citrus flavour and fast-acting effects. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of its mountainous homeland, Swazi Gold grows with ease and resilience, although growers will have to wait anywhere from 55 to 85 days for plants to finish flowering having THC level between 14 - 18%.

Cannabis Seed Attributes
CBD Content TBD
Flowering-time 6-8 Weeks
Flowering-type Photoperiod
Genetics Swazi Gold Landrace
Grows Outdoors
Height TBD
Sex Regular
THC Content 14 % - 18 %
Variety Sativa-dominant
Yield TBD
Pack Attributes
Breeder/Seedbank Green Smoke Room
Pack Size 1, 3, 5, 10 & 50 seeds

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