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Green Smoke Room Seeds Blog

22 Oct Cannabis Bag Appeal: Busting the Myth
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Cannabis bag appeal is top of the list for most consumers and producers. First prize is big frost covered buds with touches of lime and purple. But science and opinions are fast busting this age old myth.At the risk of sounding classically cliché, yo..
17 Oct Parliament's Public Hearings on Cannabis
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Parliament's public hearings on cannabis took place over three days at the beginning of September 2021. They were held by a Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services to discuss the proposed Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill.The hearin..
08 Oct Cannabis Grow Calendar for South Africa
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Cannabis Grow Calendar for growing legally in South Africa. Learn when to plant your seeds and clones outdoors for best results. Get ready to grow some dank buds with this easy to use ganja gardening calendar.It's no big secret that South Africa prod..
03 Oct Cannabis Seed Legalisation Crisis in South Africa
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Cannabis seed legalisation is an often overlooked part in the big picture of South Africa's growing movement. The constitutional court ruling that decriminalized dagga did not take into consideration several practicalities. One of these remains a lin..
07 Sep Safely Grow Cannabis at Home
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Safely grow cannabis at home in South Africa with these top tips from a well-seasoned local home-grower. Grab your seeds and soil, there's no better time than right now to get your grow on!First thing's first, it is 420% legal for adults to get high ..
05 Aug Loadshedding: Power to the People, No Power for the Plants
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With the current crisis of loadshedding darkening our streets and grow rooms. It's becoming more and more difficult to grow a quality indoor crop.In this article, we will discuss ways you can save your indoor harvests from the inevitable loadshedding..
05 Aug Germination Sprouting Your Cannabis Seeds
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Germinating cannabis seeds requires a touch of care and dab of patience. Learn how to pop pips like a pro and what noob mistakes to avoid.“A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.” – Doug Larso..
05 Aug Go Green (Smoke Room) Or Go Home!
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As a new decade dawns in Mzansi, the guys at Green Smoke Room feel there is no better time to reflect on the last ten years of splendid service they have strived to supply to their long-standing customers.From a speedy and discreet delivery service t..
05 Aug Choosing Cannabis Seeds
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Choosing cannabis seeds is easier than ever! Or is it really that simple? Here's some top tips for selecting the dankest options when buying these precious pips of potential.It feels like just yesterday when there were only two main considerations wh..
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