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Scoville Heat Units: 300 000 - 1 500 000 SHU 

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Model: GSR - Chilli - Assam
Assam is a beautiful, tall growing bush that produces abundant, beautiful purple pods that ripen to a deep red. Thin walled with a long lasting flavor profile that includes undertones of berries and black pepper. Heat is not off the charts, but will demand your attention...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Caramel Bhut Jolokia
Caramel Bhut Jolokia has is a natural caramel colour variant of the original Red Bhut Jolokia which ripens from green to a beautiful caramel colour...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Flourescent Mustard Scorpion
Flourescent Mustard Scorpion is a really awesome scorpion type from the maker of the Carolina Reaper, Ed Curry. 1 meter tall plants that are absolutely loaded with pods. We found that the bushes seemed to quite open with heavy growth in the top half, and well fed plants gave excessive pod production..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Jorhat Bhut
Jorhat Bhut is something really special! There are so many "Original Bhut seeds" and each one is different when grown out, that for all intents and purposes the original Bhut Jolokia strain has been lost. Jorhat Bhut is a really great prolific strain that shows reliable consistency in pod shape. If ..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Red Bhut Jolokia
Red Bhut Jolokia is also known as the Naga Jolokia, Naga Bhut Jolokia or Ghost pepper. It was a previous world record holder for the hottest chilli in the world. Traditionally used to keep elephants always from veggie gardens in India, where the mashed fruits are rubbed on the fence posts surroundin..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Red Savina
Red Savina is one of the most famous chillies is the world. The original Hottest Chilli in the world. Most often used as a hot sauce chilli due to it's intense fruity flavour...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Rodo Chilli
Rodo Chilli is a small wrinkled little chilli from Nigeria. Hot with a very swift burn right up front. Good production of fruit on low bushes. Make sure you plant early in Sept or Oct...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Sakay Lany Lalli
Sakay Lany Lalli is a truly unique variety that comes from Madagascar and was given to us along with a few other chilli varieties. We have been growing them since 2013 and released this variety in 2018 for the first time. This is an exceptionally productive Madagascan habanero type with an intense f..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Tepin
Tepin is probably one of the oldest wild chillies used for food. These ancient chillies are small round and blisteringly hot. Known in the South America's as the original birds eye chilli, as they were widely spread via bird droppings...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Trinidad Scorpion Peach
Trinidad Scorpion Peach has spectacular, productive bushes that get to around waist high. These babies bore pods all the way through to the first frost. A great, easy growing (for an Extreme chilli) plant that will reward handsomely...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Trinidad Scorpion Yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow is a beautiful pepper. Looks like it will burn at least twice, nicely wrinkled and oozing "I'll burn" looks. With no heat this is a great pepper to add to salads, stir-fries and for roasting as a snack. A productive bush that produces plenty of fruit...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Yellow Bhut Jolokia
Yellow Bhut Jolokia starts out green, ripens to yellow and then a rich orange. They look outstanding in a salad. These sweet, thick walled, flattened peppers are produced en-mass on short compact bushes...
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