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Ethos Clones

Ethos genetics is definitely an alpha in the cannabis industry. Producing terpenes that will rock your senses and extremely potent THC contents that will humble any connoisseur.

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Model: GSR - CLONE - ET - Crescendo
Bred by Ethos Genetics, Crescendo crosses Chemdog, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies to create this THC-dominant hybrid. Its terpene profile produces sweet, earthy, and citrus aromas with gassy, kushy, and sweet cookie dough flavors. Buds are large in size and mostly green with purple accents...
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Mandarin zkittles Clone
New -53 %
Model: GSR - CLONE - ET - MZK
Ethos Genetics Mandarin Zkittlez is a feminised cannabis plant, a Sativa Indica hybrid between Mandarin Sunset and California Black Rose, two cannabis contest winners with a great reputation and recognition. Two varieties characterised by an incredible terpenic profile..
7.00€ 14.77€
Ex Tax:7.00€
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