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A Glance At Our Product Range

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Royal Cheese is one of Royal Queen Seeds best selling strains, loved by many for its unique, strong aroma and taste. The smell of Cheese is like no ot..
Ex Tax:9.00€
Juanita la Lagrimosa is an exotic strain of cannabis well known for her soothing high and significant CBD content. By combining her star quality genet..
Ex Tax:9.50€
Meet the new heir to the auto-flowering cannabis throne, Royal Gorilla Automatic. The breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have blended the most potent and d..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Auto AK, a proud strain from Green Smoke Room Seeds is the excellent result of crossing an AK47 with the Lowryder #2 auto-flowering strain. Auto AK gr..
Ex Tax:10.50€
White Widow has long been a favourite at Green Smoke Room and this strain has helped make Green Smoke Room famous in the cannabis world.The Green Sm..
Ex Tax:10.50€
Ayahuasca Purple Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
The Farm received a gift of these Red River Delta seeds some years ago. When grown out these incredibly beautiful purple and ruby red plants were a re..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Banana Split Feminised Seeds Banana Split Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
Fun and creative, the Banana Split deserves to be tasted to discover its particular aroma. It has a shrubby structure with a very horizontal growth an..
Ex Tax:12.00€
BC Cheese Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
The UK Cheese clone was gifted to us from a friend in the UK just as the Cheese strain was starting to gain worldwide recognition. We appreciated her ..
Ex Tax:7.50€
Black D.O.G. Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
This F1 selection was the combination of three classic Northern California genetics. HSO's Blackberry Kush crossed with the Emerald Headband gave birt..
Ex Tax:40.00€
Bubba Kush 2.0 of Humboldt Seed born of crossing Bubba and OG Kush. The result is an hybrid with Indica dominance, strong, robust, easy to grow, short..
Ex Tax:36.00€
BC Jack Herer Regular Seeds
Out Of Stock
This multiple Cannabis Cup Winner is undoubtedly one of the most special types of marijuana in the cannabis world today. Named in honour of the late J..
Ex Tax:4.00€
This strain grows big. A cross between two of British Columbia's lowest maintenance and highest yielding outdoor varieties, the Pinewarp will bring yo..
Ex Tax:4.00€
BC Rockstar Regular Seeds
Out Of Stock
BC Rockstar (aka Rockstar Kush) is one of British Columbia's hottest new strains renowned for its excellent medical qualities. This high yielding dank..
Ex Tax:4.00€
William's Wonder Regular Seeds William's Wonder Regular Seeds
Out Of Stock
A special Indica indoor hybrid that is short and squat in stature, reproduced from original Super Sativa Seed Club seed stock.This plant produces heav..
Ex Tax:7.00€
African Buzz brings pure African Sativa genetics to growers far and wide. With a tropical taste and superior Sativa effect, it continues t..
Ex Tax:6.00€