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Are you Hot or Not?

Scoville Heat Units: 23 000 - 300 000 SHU

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Model: GSR - Chilli - Kootingal Firecracker
Kootingal Firecracker is a strain of the firecracker chilli that was grown in Kootingal, a town in New South Wales, Australia. Waist high bushes that produce a stunning display of upright pods in clusters. The pods are medium to high heat and are perfect for pickling or stuffing...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Large Thick Cayenne
Large Thick Cayenne produce big yields of thumb thickness Cayenne peppers. Knee-high plants produce a concentrated set of large, wrinkled and tapered fruits. These are perfect, thin walled drying chillies...
Ex Tax:1.16€
Model: GSR - Chilli - Long Slim Cayenne
Long Slim Cayenne is probably one of the most well know peppers in South Africa, if you are looking for a good medium to hot pepper for pickling sauces or just drying, this is the pepper for you. Good yields on compact bushes, these peppers can be picked green or red depending on your preference. To..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Lumley Freetown
Lumley Freetown is situated right on the coast in Sierra Leone, this African chilli that has a swift kick in mouth is a great drying chilli for those cold winter nights. Small compact bushes produce plenty of these hot little chillies. SHU ??? but > 200 000..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Mayan Love Pepper
Mayan Love Pepper originates from the jungles of South and Central America. It was used in ancient times as an aphrodisiac. This is possibly due to the endorphin effect that chilli possesses. It is a hot little pepper that can be used green or ripe or dried for winter use...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Mayhem Chilli
Mayhem Chilli is a wicked little Australian birds eye chilli. Thigh high bushes produce a profusion of deep red chillies. High heat and aptly named...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Monrovia Long
Monrovia Long is a stunning well flavoured chilli from Liberia. It is another great addition to our African collection by Al, our African explorer. The pods are a bit late in ripening so they will need to be started quite early in spring in the cooler regions of the country. Where this chilli detrac..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Mozambique Bastardo
Mozambique Bastardo indeed!!! This one has a bite like a swift backhand on an angry Portuguese Mama. Play it safe with these babies. Fiery hot right up front, that really gets the saliva glands working overtime. Lovey tall bushes with light coloured pods that only start bearing quite late in the sea..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Mustard Habanero
Mustard Habanero is a high yielding plant that produces very HOT chillis and requires a long growing season. The fruits ripen from a green to a mustard yellow/orange colour, are about 4cm in length and are heavily wrinkled. Perfect chillis to make a hot sauce with...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Nanas Indian Red
Nanas Indian Red has been grown by a neighbour of mine for many years. Its an essential ingredient in their cooking and in Mrs Nana's Atchar, which is the absolute best, in my opinion. It is a good producer of hot chillies 10-13 cm long that dry exceptionally well...
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Model: GSR - Chilli - NuMex Twilight Chilli
NuMex Twilight Chilli is one of the most unusual peppers. Developed by the University of New Mexico in 1992 it was release as an OP variety for primarily the ornamental market. It's a great little pepper that looks stunning in a flower bed but admirably, will double as a culinary addition for those ..
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Model: GSR - Chilli - Red Cheese Pepper
Red Cheese Pepper is an old Spanish variety, this pepper was used to colour cheeses. So it's not just the shape that gives them their name. Sweet, thick walled, flattened peppers that are produced en-mass on short compact bushes...
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