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Shark Attack Clone

Shark Attack Clone
Shark Attack Clone
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Shark Attack Clone

Shark Attack is little but still a thug, and her bite could knock out even the most experienced user. This strain, derived from the cross of a Super Skunk and a White Widow, turns into thick and compact Indica-looking marijuana plants that are perfect for indoor growers or for discretion-seekers. Her high THC levels make her one of the favourite strains of the Dinafem team when they need to relax. Don't let her size deceive you! This plant is a real monster-yielder.

Shark Attack is a 100 % Indica-looking plant: compact, branchy, with short internodal spacing and wide leaves. Her appearance is dense and squat, with a large main cola and several surrounding branches that give her a bushy look.Shark Attack is surprisingly productive for her size. In optimal outdoor growing conditions, she could produce up to 1 kg/plant. Her buds are large, compact and highly resinous. Not in vain, one of her most coveted traits is her ability to produce resin. The flowers of Shark Attack are particularly striking, full of orangey hairs and trichomes forming an alluring white layer all over her leaves too. For this, she’s a great choice for those looking for a strain to make hash or extractions with.

Cannabis Seed Attributes
Flowering-time 50-55 days
Genetics Super Skunk and a White Widow
Supplier Colt - Eastern Cape Facility

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