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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Kush Regular Seeds Afghan Kush Regular Seeds
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Brand: World of Seeds Model: WOSR-4030841
This pure indica strain comes from the mountainous area of the Hindu Kush in Northern Afghanistan. It grows in the wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, close to the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is very stable strain which is thought to be the result of successive crosses betwe..
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Brand: FastBuds Seeds Model: FB-BB-Auto-Fem-10
Fast Buds have created this variety for foodies. The mix of flavors offered by this Blackberry create a burst of sensations: spicy, sweet, fruity, wild berries, and pine - an explosive mixture that's difficult to forget. These alluring qualities result from the combo of Blackberry and purple Kush st..
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Brand: Dutch Passion Model: DP961252
Charlotte's Angel CBD Auto is the auto-flowering version of Dutch Passion's first high-CBD, ultra low-THC plant Charlotte's Angel. In fact the THC:CBD ratio of this new auto is in excess of 1:20! It possesses all the medicinal benefits of CBD without the high caused by THC which remains below 1%.To ..
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Model: GSR - RQS-FSTEDAUT-fem_42717
Juanita la Lagrimosa is an exotic strain of cannabis well known for her soothing high and significant CBD content. By combining her star quality genetics with those of the pungent and flavourful Cheese (plus a bit of Ruderalis), we have created an irresistible blend of connoisseur-level flavour and ..
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Brand: Pyramid Seeds Model: PYR-PURP-AFEM-5
Our search for new strains led to the development of Auto Purple, a mix of Purple and a Ruderalis. It has a delicious flavour of grape juice and berries and the sweet smell of black liquorice. It is a compact purple coloured plant...
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Royal Gorilla Auto Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - RQS-A-RGRL-Fem_42726
Meet the new heir to the auto-flowering cannabis throne, Royal Gorilla Automatic. The breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have blended the most potent and decadent photoperiod strains in the catalogue - Royal Gorilla and Royal Cookies - with Ruderalis genetics to create the spectacular Royal Gorilla Autom..
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African Amnesia Auto Feminised Seeds
-17 %
Model: GSR-1001-01
Auto African Amnesia is the outcome of the best of the new and the old. An unparalleled African Kush and Auto Amnesia combo that provides a fresh citrus flavour and a powerful effect not suitable for first-timers. Auto African Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds produce medium-sized/big sturdy mari..
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Akhishwe Auto Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - Auto AK_42249
Auto AK, a proud strain from Green Smoke Room Seeds is the excellent result of crossing an AK47 with the Lowryder #2 auto-flowering strain. Auto AK grows strong with a consistently good resin production and impressive potency. It has good side branching, will grow well under the right conditions to ..
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Alien OG Kush Auto Feminised Seeds Alien OG Kush Auto Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - Auto Alien OG Kush_42109
Auto Alien OG Kush is bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds. A smooth balanced hybrid, this super high quality combination of 2 OG Kush varieties produces a large branched stature at 60 - 90 cm. Yielding levels reaching rather high this plant is sure to need a bit of space. Flavors and aromas are very pote..
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Model: GSR - Auto Amnesia_42090
Auto Amnesia Feminised Seeds by the cannabis seeds breeder Green Smoke Room, is an Autoflowering Feminised marijuana strain. This Mostly Sativa strain produces a Medium, High 30-110 gr/plant yield. This Feminised seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors conditions. Additionally, it can be ex..
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Model: GSR - Auto Betty Blue_42594
Auto Betty Blue is a beautiful strain by Green Smoke Room Seeds. This is an inbred cross of a Lowryder #2 male from the Joint Doctor with an old Blueberry mother which originated from Sagamartha Seeds. The resulting plant is a vigorous, potent, auto-flowering strain with excellent side branchin..
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Blue Diesel Auto Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - Auto Blue Diesel_42598
Blue Diesel, a favourite strain bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds. Blue Diesel is the result of crossing two very popular auto-flowering strains (Auto Diesel & Auto Blue).This epic strain produces loads of sweet resin with high levels of  THC levels of 17% and CBD levels that are currently bei..
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