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Model: GSR - Silverback Zkittles REG_42582
Silverback Zktttlez strain is an Indica-dominant marijuana hybrid. These cannabis plants grow popcorn-shaped, purple-hued buds with a coating of trichomes. A layer of amber hairs and resin is also present. Silverback Zkittles tastes of sweet, fruity, perry herbal blend on pheno. Th..
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Model: GSR - HGS-TokoloshiF1_42710
After working on my Sweet Widow (Sweet Cheeba x white widow) for the last 3years I have decided to through a spanner in the worx. Taking my pheno Sweet Widow and pollenating her with the fruity Pebbles OG male pheno that I had grown from seed from a dispensary over in Canada. Original FPOG seeds..
Ex Tax:25.00€
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