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Sativa Dominant

Model: GSR - Purple Haze
Purple Haze Feminised Seeds is a vigorous cannabis hybrid that expresses the best features of its parent strains a soaring Haze high combined with the thick resin production of the best Indicas. While not tall enough to kiss the sky, plants are statuesque and beautiful, with long, running buds..
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Model: GSR - Rooibaard
Rooibaard Regular Seeds is a Land Race strain that Green Smoke Room Seeds have going on stain hunting expeditions to the Transkei for the past 10 years.Rooibaard has a THC levels of 16% and is a high yielding plant reaching 650g/m2 outdoors. Flowering Time is around 12 -14 Weeks ..
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Model: GSR - Super Silver Haze OG
Super Silver Haze OG Feminised Seeds, bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds is a hybrid strain (70% sativa) containing Super Silver Haze and OG Kush genetics. Together these two legendary strains intertwine perfectly to produce a highly potent strain of cannabis. It is high-yielding (around 500 gr/m2..
Ex Tax:10.00€
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