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Bud Juice

Bud Juice’s range of specifically formulated biological plant stimulants have been carefully designed using only the best ingredients to give your grow what is needed when it’s needed most.


With over four decades of expertise in plant nutrition, Bud Juice offers the cannabis cultivator possibly the most explosive plant nutrients & additives on earth.


Bud Juice is developing a full range of products that’ll take your grow … From Seed To Weed!

Model: GSR -Boom Bloom 1:4:11(30)
Boom Bloom 1:4:11(30)Biological Flowering SupplementBoom Bloom is designed to increase yields by inducing prolific flowering. Boom Bloom contains available phosphorous & potassium both key players in bud formation, transported by our organic acid carriers eliminating lock up & maximisin..
Ex Tax:14.45€
Model: GSR - Bud Juice TNT (4:1:2(14)
Bud Juice TNT (4:1:2(14)TNT (Total Nutrient Transfusion) is a complete balanced biological plant stimulant, designed to give you explosive vegetative growth & nourish your growing medium. Formulated using our proprietary blend of organic carriers, combined with naturally derived nutrients &..
Ex Tax:13.85€
Model: GSR - SYMBIONICS 1:0:4
SYMBIONICS 1:0:4 is Bud Juice’s answer to a biologically friendly form of molasses, an instant food source for your substrate’s microbial populations. Designed specifically to promote the cycle of nutrient uptake in all crops, SYMBIONICS not only contains beneficial sugars but potassium & e..
Ex Tax:7.20€
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