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Swamp Juice

Salt based nuclear cell food
Ratio balanced for veg. Contains essential micro-elements & enzymatic metal catalysts incl Molybdenum.
No fillers, carbonates, bicarbonates or chlorides to ensure optimum nutrient absorption.
Makes 1400lt 00 litres or 16c/litre to feed
Multifunctional1 components - pH modifiers & buffers, macro & micro-elements.
No science needed, dilute as directed & water. pH & TDS balanced.

Swamp Juice FLOWER PART 1 & 2
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Model: GSR - SPJ - FLWR
Swamp Juice FLOWER PART 1 & 2 Cannabis Optimised NutrientsInstructionsWhat to feed Veg is used for veg stage only Flower is used for flower stage only When to feed Veg Start feeding when the cotyledons start to die & true leaves have formed Flower Stop feeding veg & star..
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Model: GSR - SPJ - GSPS
Swamp Juice GATOR SKINPotassium Silicate GATOR SKIN (for soil)Gator Skin (for soil) is a pH stable silica concentrate formulated specifically to deliver themaximum available concentration of silica at the correct pH & monomer to be used effectively bycannabis.Silicate (& potassium sil..
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Swamp Juice SWAMP FIREBloom EnhancerSWAMP FIRESwamp Fire is a potent blend of potassium, phosphorus, micro-nutrients & naturalplant extracts designed to boost resin production in cannabis plants during flower.Works in all grow substrates including coir & soil-less mediums, deep-water cult..
Ex Tax:21.27€
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