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Barneys Farm

Barneys Farm | Local

Model: GSR - BFSAP-F1
The Farm received a gift of these Red River Delta seeds some years ago. When grown out these incredibly beautiful purple and ruby red plants were a revelation. We then crossed it with our Master Kush and created the perfect strain. Ayahuasca Purple has almost pure Indica traits, creating both high T..
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Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Seeds
New 2-3 Days
Brand: Barney's Farm Seeds Model: BFSGZK-Fem-1
Unleash the gigantic power of West Coast genetics with an amazing fusion of GG 4 and Zkittlez. Introducing Barney’s Farm brand new Gorilla Zkittlez. An exquisite trichome celebration awaits the patient following 60 days in bloom. You won’t forget the first time you experience her fertile fruits..
Ex Tax:13.20€
Brand: Barney's Farm Seeds Model: GSR - BFS622
Laughing Buddha is an almost pure Sativa strain, created by crossing our pure landrace Thai Sativa with our Jamaican Hybrid. This plant has a longer flowering period, but will reward you with large, tight and heavy buds from a one metre tall plant. It will need to be supported in the last three week..
Ex Tax:10.80€
Brand: Barney's Farm Seeds Model: GSR - BFS-STRLEM-FEM
Crossing the highly potent & mostly sativa Strawberry with our phenomenal Lemon OG produced a strain that makes nostrils fizz, taste buds explode and brains bubble. An array of fruity tasting terpenes transports you into a strawberry coloured world of relaxation, relieving pain and leaving you feeli..
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Brand: Barney's Farm Seeds Model: BFSAST-F1
The outstanding and legendary Sweet Tooth is now available in an autoflowering strain. Barneys original Sweet Tooth was crossed with the most recent strain from our autoflowering family, but has all the primary elements of Sweet Tooth running through it. Sweet Tooth Auto switches from vegetation to ..
Ex Tax:10.80€
Model: GSR - BFS640-F
Utopia Haze is the result from generations of backcrossing and selection from a prized Brazilian landrace. In its first Cannabis cup the Utopia Haze took both Cannabis and Sativa cups, and was called the overall favourite of the event. This is a tall mould and disease resistant plant, growing up to ..
Ex Tax:10.80€
Model: GSR - G13 haze_42508
G13 Haze Feminised Seeds by the cannabis seeds breeder Barney's Farm Seeds is a Photoperiod Feminised marijuana strain, a cross between G 13 and Hawaiian Sativa. This Sativa-dominant strain produces a High Preferred Indoor: 550 g/m2 yield. These seeds are ready to harvest in 65 - 70 days in Mid-Oc..
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