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Model: GSR - DVN - AO - 3_42750
Afghan Original was developed by crossing several Afghani Indica landraces, its genetics is 100% Afghani. This potent Indica is perfect for novice growers. It is also a resin production champion and, as such, can be conveniently used for hasheesh making. Afghan Original has been probated by hundreds..
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Model: GSR - DVN - DOGK - 3_42752
OG Kush has been appreciated as an elite marijuana strain originating from California, USA. Divine Seeds are glad to represent their own version of this famous variety. Divine OG Kush is a potent Indica-leaning strain preserving the well-known diesel hints to its smell. Not every novice grower'..
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Model: GSR - DVN - A - KBL - 3_42751
Auto Kabul is an outstanding Afghani Indica. It did not suffer much selection process: this top quality Afghani population, originating from Southern Afghanistan, was stabilized in 2002. It is pretty much a classic heavy-stoning weed with medical properties and pain-killing abilities, convenient for..
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Model: GSR - DVN - MZ - 3_42753
Mazar is a famous strain originating from Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan's second-largest city. Divine Seeds are proud to present this unique Indica that can be considered an icon of Afghani marijuana. Genetically Mazar is a cross between Skunk #1 and a local Indica landrace. This sturdy genotype ..
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Moon Rock Auto Feminised Seeds - 3
Model: GSR - DVN - A - MR - 3
Auto Moon Rock is hybrid strain that produces sturdy and highly reliable plants rich in THC. This genotype was bred by crossing Afghani with a Nepalese Sativa landrace, and Divine Seeds breeders are proud to present this fast-growing and potent marijuana strain both to beginners (Auto Moon Rock does..
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Model: GSR - DVN - NL - 3_42754
Northern Lights is a well-known Afghani-Thai Indica that is a parent of scores of new cannabis strains that profited from Northern Lights genetics. This strain is sturdy, non-demanding and welcoming for beginner growers. However, its ease does not mean less potency: some samples of Northern Lig..
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Opium Auto Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - DVN - A - OPM - 3_42758
Auto Opium by Divine Seeds is a most potent and productive feminised auto-flowering strain ever known. Genetically Indica prevails in this genotype, but its bright berry taste and the smell is the evidence of Sativa influence. Auto Opium's THC concentration (28-29%) makes it a #1 choice for commerce..
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Opium Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - DVN - OP - 3_42757
Divine Seeds developed Opium as a new champion strain. Most potent and resinous Afghani Indica landraces were bred together with a mighty Brazilian Sativa, which Opium inherits its bright berry taste from. Opium genotype is a great deal of work: the breeders were determined to get the highest THC le..
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Model: GSR - DVN - PE - 6_42755
Pablo Escobar by Divine Seeds is a piquant Columbian strain with extreme potency. This 90% Sativa originates from Santa Maria mountains, the region known for its highly nourishing ground. We used the genotype that local inhabitants had cultivated for several centuries. That's why Pablo Escobar is of..
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White Widow Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - DVN - WW - 6_42756
Any cannabis lover must get acquainted with White Widow, the aristocrat among strains and top favourite Amsterdam marijuana. To call White Widow well-known is to say nothing this strain is legendary! Divine Seeds presented their White Widow phenotype in 2009. The original patch of Brazilian and Sout..
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