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24K Gold Feminised Seeds (FORMERLY Kosher Tangie) 24K Gold Feminised Seeds (FORMERLY Kosher Tangie)
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Model: GSR - DNA-091_42815
24k Gold is the obvious mix of DNA Genetics multiple award winning Indica Kosher Kush and the 2013 and 2014, 12X Sativa champion, Tangie!With the scent of tangerines and the Dankness of Kosher Kush, the 24k Gold is like no other strain DNA has created. Kush flavored nugs with citrus undertones Tangi..
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Holy Grail Kush Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - DNA-068_42763
This cross produces large resinous buds that reek of OG#18/Kosher goodness! The Holy Grail Kush is great for the beginner as well as the master grower. She makes an insanely aromatic plant with the strength and yield not to be matched. The Holy Grail Kush will demand the highest price of all the OG ..
Ex Tax:70.00€
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