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Nirvana Seeds’ story begins in the 1980’s when its founder, Mau, was working in a grow shop in Amsterdam. Watching the professionals work their magic, he became inspired and was compelled to learn the trade so he could start his own cannabis seed company.

Mau then spent to the next few years, travelling the globe, collecting cannabis seeds from the finest strains across the world. After this came further years of experimentation; cultivating and developing brand new strains that would be successful in a competitive marketplace.

Swiss Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds - 5 by NIRVANA Swiss Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds - 5 by NIRVANA
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Brand: Nirvana Seeds Model: GSR - NV-SCA
Swiss Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds - 5 by NIRVANA, Meet Pepe le Pews little niece and boy does she reek. This Swiss Cheese Automatic will knock you of your feet with her penetrating smell. Not suitable for a discrete grower. She is, however fastflowering, has big internodes and creates tight, bulging..
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Brand: Nirvana Seeds Model: GSR - NV-SC
Swiss Cheese Feminised Seeds - 5  by Nirvana is a hybrid of Nirvana's discontinued marijuana strain Swiss Miss and a curious Skunk #1 phenotype that was discovered in the UK and smuggled to Amsterdam in 2007. A mix of a very early Swiss Skunk and a robust cannabis strain from Nepal, Swiss Miss ..
Ex Tax:30.00€
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