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Positronics Seeds

Considered pioneers in the development and delivery of early hybrids of cannabis in the early 1980’s, Positronics Seeds are among the most respected breeders in the industry.

The first Positronics shop was opened in 1985 by Wernard Bruining and was met with overwhelming praise for their selective breeding and cultivation techniques. In 1996, after the Amsterdam shop closed down, the seed bank was divided between the workers and Bruining moved Positronics Seeds to Spain.

Since then, he has continued to use his significant experience to create more popular and unique strains such as Blue Rhino, Caramel Ice and Purple Haze.

Super Cheese Express Auto Feminised Seeds - 5 by Positronics
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Brand: Positronic Seeds Model: GSR - PS-SEMPOS05F9002
Super Cheese Express Auto Feminised Seeds - 5 by Positronics, surprise yourself with this express version of our prize-winning SuperCheese, which conserves its structure, effect and flavour. A luxury automatic that will certainly win a permanent space in your cultivation. The vitality that it shows ..
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