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Resin Seeds

After releasing their Cannatonic strain in 2008, Resin Seeds are considered the founders of the CBD movement within the industry.

This strain set about a new quest for the newly formed seedbank, which was to search the globe for ultimate medicinal strains. Today, Resin Seeds takes pride in knowing that thousands of people across the globe have benefited mightily from the unique healing abilities of their specially bred strains. However, no strain has made as much of an impact, than the aforementioned Cannatonic.

Cannatonic Feminised Seeds Cannatonic Feminised Seeds
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Brand: Resin Seeds Model: GSR - RSNCAN-FEM
Cannatonic Feminised Seeds, this is the best of both worlds, a phenotype selected from the hybrid cross between a female Reina Madre & the all time favourite NYCD male. It grows like an Indica and smells like a Sativa...
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