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Model: GSR - RQS-CR-Fem_42715
Our Critical plant is an Indica dominant genetic which shows in its small size, staying below 1 metre tall. It has short internode spacing, which will eventually fill up with buds, making it the high-yielding specimen it is. Its small height also makes it suitable for those looking to grow in small ..
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Model: GSR - RQS-DW-MED-Fem_42816
An uplifting marijuana strain with great medicinal potential. Dance World is a cross of two different phenotypes of Dance Hall. Its genetics are a mix of mainly Mexican and Afghan crossed with the great medicinal strain Juanita la Lagrimosa. Dance World is quite a short cannabis plant that grows mos..
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Model: GSR - RQS-FSTEDAUT-fem_42717
Juanita la Lagrimosa is an exotic strain of cannabis well known for her soothing high and significant CBD content. By combining her star quality genetics with those of the pungent and flavourful Cheese (plus a bit of Ruderalis), we have created an irresistible blend of connoisseur-level flavour and ..
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Fat Banana Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
Model: GSR - RQS-FBAN-Fem
Fat Banana is the result of an intense selective breeding project we have been running here at RQS, looking to produce and hone a strain rarely seen. The result is a strain with some uncommon features, likely appeal to connoisseurs, collectors, and growers alike - especially for those looking f..
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Green Gelato Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - RQS-GRG-Fem
Green Gelato is perhaps the most deliciously dank hybrid in the whole RQS collection. Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet come together to create our richest, most luscious dessert cannabis strain yet. Treat yourself and the grow-op to the tastiest marijuana you can possibly flower in 8–10 weeks...
Ex Tax:13.50€
Honey Cream FAST Version Feminised Seeds
Model: GSR - RQS-RCA-Fem
Honey Cream is fast becoming a classic strain in Spain, where it was first grown. Its genetics are a mix of heavy Indicas with worldwide influence. A three-way cross between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino, this is one beautiful, complex and strong plant that shows clear signs of hybrid..
Ex Tax:9.60€
HulkBerry Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
Model: GSR - RQS-HB-Fem
HulkBerry is the alter-ego of The Incredible Hulk. This sinsemilla superhero is here to save head stash. Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the dank forces of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel collided. Now, the THC blast wave is sweeping across Europe...
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Model: GSR - RQS-LEGP-Fem_42721
More than just an appealing description, the boxing analogy is an elaborate code to highlight her thoroughbred parents. First up in her dank corner, Legend OG. Providing a massive sedative effect, she is a prime candidate for Kush lovers. Creating further support for Legendary Punch, Granddaddy Purp..
Ex Tax:11.00€
North Thunderfuck Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
Model: GSR - RQS-NTF-Fem_42729
The imposing structure of North Thunderfuck gives a mild indication of the sheer force her high can inflict. Resembling a small Christmas tree, she is the gift that can provide all year round. The original Alaskan Thunderfuck was rumoured to have been a cross between a North American sativa and a Ru..
Ex Tax:9.00€
Painkiller XL Feminised Seeds Painkiller XL Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
Model: GSR - RQS-PNKL-Fem-1
Case in point: Painkiller XL . This new strain combines two well-received parents, Juanita la Lagrimosa (Spanish for "Juanita the Tearful") and Royal Highness, which are themselves genetic hybrids of other precursor strains: Juanita the Tearful from Queen Mother and a Mexican-Afghan blend; Royal Hig..
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Pineapple Kush Feminised Seeds Pineapple Kush Feminised Seeds
Out Of Stock
Model: GSR - RQS-PNKU-Fem-1_42716
This strain stands out because of the high potency that it possesses as a result of being bred from the well-known OG Kush strain; although it isn't quite as strong as the original, this strain certainly offers quite a considerable mental effect. The Indica heavy blend of this strain, and the high C..
Ex Tax:9.00€
Model: GSR - RQS-PURQ-Fem
Some say that purple is the colour of good judgement; Purple Queen is the cool purple strain for the wise weed grower indeed. Sticky green is good, but pure, frosty purple flowers are fantastic. And not just to look at. Purple Queen lays the smackdown. Her powerful physical effects will take you dee..
Ex Tax:8.00€
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