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The Plug

The Plug Seedbank comprises a group of cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts who between them have amassed many years worth of knowledge and experience of this amazing plant. The Plug has launched its range of cutting-edge strains bred from stable, world-class genetics by some of the very best breeders who have created some new, award-winning strains.

All of the marijuana strains in The Plug's selection have been thoroughly tested for both stability and yield.

El Chapo Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - PLG-ELC-6
El Chapo burst onto the North London scene in 2015 having been created by crossing Sour Diesel IBL and Headbanger, the latter a cross between Sour Diesel and Biker Kush.El Chapo resulted from a rigorous pheno-typical selection. This strain can be grown indoors as well as out..
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Forbidden Fruit Cake Feminised Seeds
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Model: GSR - PLG-FFC-6
Forbidden Fruit Cake is a cross between Wedding Cake and Forbidden Fruit. This is an indica-dominant strain which displays some beautiful purple hues near harvest time.Forbidden Fruit Cake is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoors flowering takes 8 - ..
Ex Tax:69.00€
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