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Medical Benefits

The legalization of recreational Marijuana is something that drives a lot of people to try it for medicinal purposes. The medicinal use of the plant is not something new; it was used since the ancient times. Then it was being used to heal psychological problems, pain relief and digestive action. Following are tested and proven health benefits of Marijuana.

1. Boosting Appetite

After the use of cannabis, one develops an extremely good appetite. This health benefit has enabled the medical use of Marijuana increase. It is administer to those who have illnesses that affect their feeding habits. These illnesses include Cancer, HIV& AIDS, stomach problems and others.

2. Treating eye conditions

Cannabis has been used over the years as an effective remedy to glaucoma. This is a situation where the eye ball pressure is highly increased which can lead to partial or permanent blindness. In such a case Marijuana comes in handy since it has the ability to reduce the intraocular pressure. For this to be effective, it has to be taken several times a day, which may lead to fluctuation of moods and the ability to perform normally.

3. Prevents the spreading of Cancer in the body

Cannabidiol, a chemical found in Cannabis prevents the growth and spread of cancer through shutting down of a gene known as Id -1. Cancerous cells multiply this gene more than non-cancerous cells. This means that the cancerous cells end up multiplying at very high numbers in the body. The use of medical Cannabis reduces the multiplication by stagnating the gene involved. Some studies show that cannabis can also kill cancer cells al together.

4. It is used to decrease anxiety

Moderate use of the drug can help in control of anxiety levels in a person. It can also be used as a sedative. Marijuana relaxes tense muscles hence giving a person a cool sleeping session. However, if used in large doses, it can make a person anxious and paranoid.

5. It is used as a pain reliever

Marijuana eases the pain brought about by multiple sclerosis. The painful contractions experienced by patients who have sclerosis are easily relieved by smoking Marijuana. The THC in the drug combines with the muscles, nerves and receptors to effectively relieve pain. It also helps in the control of muscle spasm.

Medical Marijuana is available in different forms. It can be taken as a pill, smoked or even eaten. The pill method however, makes the process feel more medical and acceptable. It can also be added to cookies, chocolates or brownies.