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Cheddar Peaches

Cheddar Peaches
Cheddar Peaches
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Green smoke room seeds has taken the initiative to produce a super strain that we are calling Cheddar Peaches by crossing two genetics from world renowned breeders, Ethos and Big Buddha Seeds. Ethos millions of peaches is a cross between Katsu Bubba & Peach Ringz .Big Buddha Cheese was produced in the early 2000s by breeders at Big Buddha Seeds by crossing an Afghani landrace strains with UK Cheese (also known as Cheese or Exodus Cheese.).The resulting strain is a distinct phenotype of Skunk # 1 and was selected for its fruity flavour as well as unique scents. Breeders backcrossed the crossbreed to stabilize its genetics, as well as their efforts paid off two years later when Big Buddha Cheese won the 2006 High Times Marijuana Cup for Best Indica Blossom. Over the last 15 years, the strain went on to win multiple High Times honours, IC 420 Growers Cups and also Highlife Cups. The stress flourishes in warm environments, and also succeeds both inside your home and outdoors. Farmers can anticipate much shorter, squat plants with broad fan leaves as well as short nodes between spicy, green, small buds. It expands to maturation in 10 weeks as well as creates good returns as long as interest is paid to the light cycle. At full growth, Big Buddha Cheese reeks of its namesake dairy products product.

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