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Swamp Juice GATOR SKIN

Swamp Juice GATOR SKIN
Swamp Juice GATOR SKIN
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Swamp Juice GATOR SKIN

Potassium Silicate 

GATOR SKIN (for soil)

Gator Skin (for soil) is a pH stable silica concentrate formulated specifically to deliver the

maximum available concentration of silica at the correct pH & monomer to be used effectively by


Silicate (& potassium silicate) is by nature a difficult element to make bioavailable to plants. It

has a high pH (11 - 12.5) which resists change & when brought down to a level plants can use,

forms an insoluble silica gel that plants cannot absorb. The chemistries needed to keep it

soluble & bioavailable make it exceptionally challenging to dilute & use at home.

Gator Skin has been formulated to ensure soluble monosilicate (MSA) stays in solution,

bioavailable & that the home user doesn't need to perform rocket science for silicate application

& benefits.

Why use Gator Skin (for soil)

● Sufficient uptake of silica by the plant is important because silicon exerts many beneficial

effects on plants improving structural strength (stronger stems & branches), helps in the

uptake of other plant nutrients & plays a role in growth and development.

● Helps plants deal with non-biological stresses like drought, salinity, acidity etc

● Silicon increases plant resistance to biological stress (by stimulating defense reactions) -

less attacks by insects like aphids & spider mites etc, as well as fungal diseases like

powdery mildew.

Where to use Gator Skin (for soil)

Works in all grow substrates including coir & soil-less mediums, deep-water culture (dwc),

mineral & living soils.

What to feed

Gator Skin (for soil) is a supplementary product to your current veg product line & is

complementary to Swamp Juice.

It is fed separately from your feed nutrients i.e. on alternate timing.


This to ensure your plant gets maximum utilisation of both feed nutrients & silica.

When to feed

Gator skin can be fed from the same time that feed nutrients are introduced in terms of plant life


It is fed once weekly on alternate day to nutrient feeding.

● DWC applications, Gator Skin is added to the feed reservoir after nutrients have been

formulated & added. EC/ppm & pH should be checked before & after addition to ensure

it is within specification.

How much to feed

1. Add 10 ml Gator Skin (for soil) to 1 litre water & stir

2. Add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) vinegar to the mixed Gator Skin & stir.

3. Feed as usual


Gator Skin is a concentrated silica product with high pH

Exercise due care when working with this product

Avoid contact with eyes & skin

In case of contact, rinse well with water & seek medical assistance in case of eye contact.

Do not ingest.

If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Seek medical assistance.

Shake well before use

Store in cool, dry area away from sunlight

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