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Sagarmatha Seeds

Cheez Wreck Feminised Seeds - 5 SGM
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Brand: Sagarmatha Seeds Model: GSR - SGM-CHZW-FEM-5
Cheez Wreck Feminised Seeds - 5 SGM, The Champion Cheese and the terrific Train Wreck have been fused to form one the most fantastic hybrids of the 21st century. The aroma and attitudes of the parentage brings this plant to higher level of performance. Moments after the first try, the consciousness ..
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Brand: Sagarmatha Seeds Model: GSR - SGM-WNDRB-REG-10
Wonderberry Regular Seeds  is a blend of the vigour of Bubbleberry with the bushy, luxurious growth pattern of the American variety Williams Wonder. The aroma is tasty and possesses the scent of a flowery bouquet. The effect is heavy and long lasting, leaving you with enough energy to be mob..
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Brand: Sagarmatha Seeds Model: GSR - SGM - CS - FEM
Chunky Skunk Feminised Seeds - 5 SGM,This strain of cheese from the original Big Bud gene pool has been especially selected for her aroma and high yields. Chunky Skunk is a potent skunk 1 plant which brings that unique taste and aroma from the early 80's straight to your pipe. This girl grows u..
Ex Tax:36.00€
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