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Drug Testing kits

Drug testing kits such as the EZ Test Kits are presumptive drug testing kits similar to those used by forensic laboratories, the Police and Customs and Excise, which have been repackaged and tailored to meet the demands of the public.

The previous EZ Test Kits range, available since the 1990’s, were the first presumptive drug testing kits available on the market and consisted of the Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin tests plus a Rodadope and Simmons reagent.

After several years of research and development, plus major breakthroughs in scientific innovation, upgrades and extensions to the range have been introduced. The improved EZ Test Kits range has been born and consists of Ecstasy, Ketamine, Opiates, LSD, Cocaine + Crack, Cocaine Purity, MDMA Purity, Cocaine Cuts, GHB, Heroin Purity, MCPP, Synthetic Cannabinoids, THC, Baths Salts and Benzos testing kits.

EZ Test Kits provide access to efficient, quick and portable testing for analysing samples. Any reaction and colour change that takes place after a sample has been added, can be checked against the colour charts included in the packaging to determine the presence of a specific substance, adulterant or purity level.

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