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Sweet Seeds

Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-BCA-Fem-3
100% Auto-flowering genetics. Black Cream Auto Feminised Seeds is the result of the cross between Sweet Seeds most awarded strain - the original Cream Caramel - and an exotic auto-flowering strain of purple flowers, descending from Pakistani Kush ancestors. This plant looks like an Indica, with a sh..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-BS-Auto-Fem-3
Bloody Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of Sweet Skunk Auto and a selected auto-flowering strain of Red Poison that contributes a purple colouration to the flowers. The result is a wonderful and very aromatic variety of purple flower with a strong and deep Skunk fla..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-CCA-Fem-3
3rd generation auto-flowering strain. Auto-flowering version of our Caramel Cream Auto Feminised Seeds ®. This is the result of the cross between our best 2nd generation auto-flowering strains and Cream Caramel®. This high-quality auto-flowering strain features dense buds and outstanding resin prod..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-CC-Fem-3
Cream Caramel Feminised Seeds is a synthetic variety (S.V.) which is the result of a three way cross between our best Indicas: BlueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino. The synthetic varieties share with hybrid varieties the goal of obtaining the vigour of a hybrid while providing homogeneity t..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-CRMR-FAST-Fem-3
Cream Mandarine FAST Version Feminised Seeds came about after multiple requests from friends and clients, Sweet Seeds introduce the feminized and non-autoflowering version of their much appreciated Cream Mandarine Auto. To develop this variety Sweet Seeds selected their best Cream Mandarine Auto ge..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-CRSTLC-FAST-Fem-3
Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version Feminised Seeds is the fast flowering photoperiod-dependent version of one of the tastiest strains from the Sweet Seeds ® catalog, Crystal Candy ®, awarded with the 1st Prize for the Best Indica at Spannabis Champions Cup 2017. Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version ® (SWS73) is..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-DDA-Fem-3
This is the result of the hybridisation between one of Sweet Seeds most appreciated auto-flowering genetics - Big Devil XL - and an exotic auto-flowering strain with purple flowers, developed with the collaboration of the R + D department of the seed bank Buddha Seeds – feminised seeds. The purple..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-DC-Auto-Fem-3
This poly-hybrid is the result from a cross between selected genetic lines of two of our purple flowered varieties: Dark Devil Auto® and Black Cream Auto®. This strain shows a great hybrid vigour since germination as it is composed of a wide genetic mix. This strain develops the typical structur..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-GG-Fem-3
This strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between two of the most famous and powerful genetics coming from the USA: Gorilla Glue X Girl Scout Cookies. The GSC specimen used for this cross comes from the phenotype known as “Thin Mint”. An Indica-Sativa hybrid with Sativa predominance. G..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-GP-FAST-Fem-3
This strain is an F1 hybrid resulting from the cross between an elite clone of Green Poison and a selected 3rd generation auto-flowering strain of Green Poison. This strain is ready to harvest with thick buds all covered in aromatic resin only 6 weeks after the flowering begins. The plant has an app..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-GPXL-AUTO-Fem-3
Green Poison XL Auto Feminised Seeds is a 3rd generation autoflowering strain. Tall-stemmed version of one of our most appreciated autoflowering strains: Green Poison Auto ®. Green Poison XL Auto ® was developed within a recurrent selection programme of tall-stemmed Green Poison Auto ® specimens ac..
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Brand: Sweet Seeds Model: SS-HP-CBD-AUTO-Fem-3
Honey Peach CBD Auto Feminised Seeds is a 5th Generation autoflowering strain featuring high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). This strain is the result of the cross between a selection of our best autoflowering strains with sweet and fruity aromas and a photoperiod dependent clone rich in CBD. The THC:..
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